Why Is Animation So Expensive? Understanding The Factors Behind The Cost

Through its imaginative stories, fascinating graphics, and lasting characters, animation is a riveting art form that has improved our lives. However, “Why is animation so expensive?” frequently arises when discussing animation.

In this essay, we shall study the world of animation and the different variables that go into its high production costs. Additionally, we will answer often-asked questions like whether or not animation costs more than film, how much an animation should cost, and which techniques provide the most economical solutions.

What Are We Talking About When We Say Animation?

First, let’s define animation and start talking about it. Having inanimate objects move is referred to as animation, and examples range from you having your pen dance along your laptop to a full-blown Pixar blockbuster. The most popular types of animation in explainer-type videos and online learning are 2D motion graphics, cut-out style, and character animation.

Reasons Why Animation Costs So Much!


The Intricate Process Of Animation

If you ask why animation is expensive, you need to know that there are multiple steps to the labor- and time-intensive animation process, each requiring specific knowledge and resources.

Every stage of the production process, from pre-production, during which the idea and storyboard are established, through actual production, during which the animation is built frame by frame, to post-production, which involves sound design and editing, demands meticulous attention to detail. The majority of the costs are related to this complex process.

Skilled Workforce And Talent

The need for highly skilled labor is one of the main factors contributing to why animation costs so much money. A team of experts, including animators, illustrators, 3D modelers, riggers, texture artists, and others, works together to produce fluid animations. Because of their knowledge and experience, they get paid more, raising the final product’s price. To maintain their creative teams, studios may provide attractive salaries and benefits to attract and keep great artists.

Technological Advancements

Animation quality and aesthetic attractiveness have unquestionably improved because of advancements in technology. However, the cost of these complex programs and tools is high. Animation studios must invest in cutting-edge gear and software licenses to produce top-notch outcomes. These costs are frequently charged to clients or included in the studio’s service charges, which is why animation costs so much.

Length And Complexity Of The Animation

The length and intricacy of an animation have a big impact on its price. Naturally, creating longer animations takes more time and resources. Like complicated character designs, elaborate special effects and intricate scenarios with detailed surroundings drive up production costs. Animation is more expensive than other types of content creation because of the needed level of detail.

Reviewing And Revisions

And now comes the reviewing process! In terms of costs, this is where things can truly spiral out of control. The project cost will increase as you request reviews, and we incorporate your suggestions more frequently. For each stage, we advise one review and one approval cycle.

Studios will typically charge you for extra evaluations. Before giving the studio permission to make adjustments, you might try merging any contradictory remarks if you’re concerned that you have too many internal users, and they’ll raise your costs.

The team must return to the drawing board and start over if the story or narrative changes after it is finished. The cost of the whole rework roughly doubles which is why animation costs so much.

Animation Vs. Film: Is Animation More Expensive?

Why animations cost so much is one question. But either animation or film, what is more, expensive is another frequently asked question. Live-action and animated movies are produced, each with its difficulties and expenses.

Film production may require location costs, sets, and large film crews. In contrast, animation necessitates multiple experienced specialists and considerable post-production work. It is difficult to directly compare the two kinds because the cost depends on the project’s demands and scope. However, animation can occasionally be more expensive due to its laborious nature and dependence on specific skills.

What Can Save Money?



Individual characters increase the cost due to “rigging.” Still, you can reuse the same character by making little adjustments—like changing their haircut or outfit—to give the impression that they are different while maintaining a reasonable cost.

The cost can also be significantly reduced by using the same scenario or actions in numerous animations; once again, you can make it appear different by adjusting small details like colors. Additionally, cutting down on various scenarios in each animation helps keep costs down.

Bulk Videos

The entire project cost is decreased by producing more videos with the same aesthetic, especially those where we may exchange materials. The first stylistic choices can take a lot of time, but once they are made, advancement happens quickly.


The final component of our cost-cutting animations is a motion graphic template video. Here, we design six distinct pre-animated scenarios for you. Each scene is template-based, so we can reuse it repeatedly, just with different text, icons, and images depending on the script. Future animation costs could be cut in half or quarters, even for lengthy videos!

Determining Animation Costs

Calculating the cost of animation can be difficult. Budget estimation is influenced by various variables, including animation style, project scope, deadlines, and the studio’s track record. Naturally, the price of a high-quality animation with intricate designs and precise movements will be higher than that of a shorter, simpler animation. To determine an appropriate budget for the project, clients and animation studios must communicate clearly and set reasonable expectations.

Cheapest Animation Methods

Cost-effectiveness frequently encourages the investigation of various animation techniques in animation. Digital 2D animation services offer a more affordable alternative to conventional hand-drawn animation because it requires fewer labor hours.

Furthermore, methods like motion graphics, which use dynamic visuals and text, and cut-out animation, which uses pre-made character components, are reasonably priced possibilities. Striking a balance between cost-cutting techniques and preserving the appropriate level of final product quality is crucial.

Misconceptions About Animation

The style of 3D people see in video and computer games contributes partly to people’s misperception about animation speeds. Those games display in real-time with a fast laptop and expensive video cards.

People don’t realize, however, that the programmers spent months creating those games with canned physics, baked-in textures, and oversimplified pure mathematics. You are merely playing something back once all the technically taxing work has been finished, and you have seen them on your screen.

Some shortcuts and gimmicks give the impression that it takes place in real time. However, they are not representative of what an animator should do. Normally, once an animator chooses to animate something, he should stick with his choice; however, the situation may appear before his hand frame is generated.

He will invest a lot of time refining camera motions, lighting, and how he intends to show some elements that a computer can only simulate.


In A Nutshell

Despite their lovely appearance, animation videos are difficult to produce, which is why animation is so expensive. The animation team invests a lot of time in pre-production, sound design, the type of animation used, the program used, and even modifications. Clarity and preparation are advantageous.

Once produced, it becomes a unique method of introducing your brand to the world! Therefore, keep this in mind the next time you see an agency requesting a fee for an animation video that seems excessive.

However, Clients and Animated motion graphics studios can work together successfully to create stunning cartoons with their expert 2D and 3D animation services and within their financial limits by being aware of these aspects.

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