Explainer Video Styles: The 5 Most Popular Styles To Captivate Your Audience

Explainer video styles have become a strong tool in the world of digital communication for engaging audiences and effectively delivering messages. These striking visual works explain complex ideas and leave an impression by fusing storytelling skills with attractive animations. 

Each explainer video style has its charm, whether it is the captivating appeal of animated figures or the graceful simplicity of whiteboard sketching. Let’s begin to examine the five most common explainer video types so you can be better equipped to create compelling content that connects with your audience than ever.

What Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are brief, straightforward, and entertaining clips created to clearly and simply explain a topic, idea, product, or service. These videos often include images, animations, voiceovers, and occasionally text to successfully transmit information.

Explainer videos aim to decode complex subjects and turn them into easily palatable and enjoyable material. Businesses, startups, educators, and organizations often employ them to present their offers, highlight characteristics, or highlight the advantages of a good or service.

Why Do Businesses Use Explainer Style Videos?

Explainer films are popular with businesses and startups because they allow you to convey a complicated idea clearly and fast. And science supports this as images are processed 60,000 times faster by the brain than words. Why do companies, large and small, spend money making videos?

  •         Make it simple and quick for people to comprehend who you are, what you do, and how you can benefit them.
  •         Increase brand recognition and establish a close relationship with your target market.
  •         Create buzz to attract visitors to your landing page or website.

5 Best Explainer Video Styles

There are different styles of explainer videos, and each of them has its unique strengths, allowing businesses and content creators to choose the one that best aligns with their message, target audience, and overall branding strategy. The top 5 are listed below:

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are popular and one of the best explainer video styles because of their adaptability and eye-catching graphics. They employ animated characters, images, and pictures to present a gripping story. Animated videos may adapt to various topics and industries, whether with a lighthearted and entertaining tone or a more serious and educational approach.

When it comes to creating these captivating animated videos, businesses often turn to professional 2D animation services and 3D animation services. These specialized services offer a wide range of possibilities, enabling companies to convey their message effectively and engagingly.

Whiteboard Animations

Animations that seem like whiteboard drawings show and explain concepts step-by-step. Typically, the material of these videos is hand-drawn while a narrator continuously describes the idea.

Whiteboard animations are perfect for educational reasons and for simplifying complex concepts into understandable pictures because of their simplicity and flexibility.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics explainer videos use typography, visual effects, and movement to convey information. They frequently use fluid transitions, animated text, and compelling images to bring out important ideas. Motion graphics are excellent for aesthetically appealing and engagingly introducing technology developments, showcasing statistics, and data-driven notions.

Live-Action Explainer Videos

In live-action explainer-style videos, the sets, characters, and scenarios are authentic to convey the point. These movies add a personal touch and generate an air of genuineness. They often display things in operation, illustrate how services operate, or present client feedback. The audience can be emotionally engaged and build trust through live-action videos.

Screencast Explainer Videos

Explainer movies called screencasts record the desktop of a computer or mobile device as a narrator guides viewers through a procedure or piece of software. They are frequently used to demonstrate software features, present tutorials, or describe how to utilize particular tools efficiently. Screencast films are a priceless asset for customers looking for assistance with various programs because they offer a realistic and hands-on learning experience. This explainer video style is not only helpful for the brand identity but also for the customers. 

Structuring An Explainer-Style Video

You can make an explainer film that conveys your message, engages your audience, and fulfills your objectives using the following methodical approach.

Step 1: Introduction

First, choose an explainer video style that you want to represent your idea in. Then, start with an interesting hook that seizes the audience’s interest right away. Clearly express the issue or need that your solution, plan, or product aims to solve. This section should be brief and appealing to set the tone for the remainder of the video.

Step 2: Present The Solution

Presenting your solution should follow the introduction of the issue. Describe how your offering addresses the issue or satisfies the demand. Focus on the advantages and features that set your solution apart using simple, clear language.

Step 3: Provide Details And Benefits

Give more thorough details about your goods or service. Highlight its distinguishing features and describe how it can improve the viewer’s life or business. To improve the explanation and maintain the interest level of the topic, use images, animations, or text.

Note: The majority of people speak at an easy-going and natural pace of 150 words per minute (wpm) on average. A 3-minute explainer video would therefore contain about 450 words.

Step 4: Address Potential Concerns

Consider any objections or worries your audience may have, then address them. Credibility and trust are increased as a result. Answer frequently asked questions or provide client endorsements attesting to the efficacy of your product.

Step 5: Call-To-Action (CTA)

A powerful call to action at the conclusion of the video. If you want viewers to visit your website, sign up for a trial offer, or buy something, make that clear in your message. If you can, keep the CTA brief, appealing, and time-sensitive.

Step 6: Branding

Be sure you stick with your logo, color design, and tone of voice throughout the video. It additionally helps establish an impression of professionalism and strengthens brand identification.

Step 7: Length And Timing

Regardless of the style, the explainer video should be brief; the length should usually be between 60 and 120 seconds. Concentrate on getting your point across because people’s attention spans are short. Timing is essential, so ensure the video’s tempo is easy-going and lets viewers comfortably absorb the information.

Step 8: Script And Voiceover

Create a well-written, logically flowing, and simple-to-understand screenplay. Avoid complexity and speak plainly. When using a voiceover, pick an expert whose voice fits the general tone of your brand and the video’s subject matter.

Step 9: Visuals And Animation

Choose images and animations in a style that fits your message and business identity. The audience’s attention can be greatly increased by using high-quality and visually appealing graphics.

Step 10: Music And Sound Effects

To improve the overall watching experience, consider including background music or sound effects if necessary. Make sure they blend with the video’s mood and tone.


Popularity Of Explainer Videos

A lot of people seeking to create explainer videos ask, “Are explainer videos out of style?” The answer is explainer videos have been extremely popular over the years due to their ability to effectively and concisely communicate complicated topics. Explainer videos have been adopted widely and are quite popular for several reasons:

Attention Span

Attention spans are getting shorter in the fast-paced digital environment of today. Explainer videos are more likely to sustain viewers’ attention because of their concise and concentrated nature, which satisfies the demand for rapid and understandable content.

Simplification Of Complex Ideas

Complex ideas or procedures might be difficult to explain. Explainer videos simplify complex topics into digestible, aesthetically pleasing chunks, making them more approachable to a wider audience. They do this by using images, animations, and narration.

Increased Engagement

Explainer films increase audience engagement by combining images, animations, and narrative components. When information is presented interestingly and memorably, audiences are more likely to remember it, which improves communication and helps viewers remember important messages and your brand. This is the main reason why explainer videos never go out of style


Explainer-style videos can be used in a variety of fields and subject areas. Explainer films can be used for various objectives because of their adaptability, including demonstrating a product or service, presenting a company, offering instructional content, or streamlining complex operations.


Explainer videos are now readily available on smartphones and tablets since the growth of mobile usage, making them a practical method for consumers to find content while on the go.

Conversion And Sales

Explainer videos are effective marketing and sales tools. Businesses may impact consumer choices and increase conversions by skillfully exhibiting their goods and services and emphasizing their advantages.

Ending Note

With this guide in hand, you have received a complete overview of the five most popular explainer video styles. At the end of the day, the choice of what is the best explainer video style for your business is an entirely subjective decision, depending on your personal preference, the field of application of the explainer video, and the demands of your target audience. If you are confused about how to choose an explainer video style for your business, you need to contact the experts for opinions!

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