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AFX animators offer the best 2D character animation service in the UK. We have been servicing clients from all around the world for more than 5 years, providing nothing less than the best animation services available to meet your business needs.
We create 2D animations that will take you from where you are to your desired location. Whether they are for commercial or marketing objectives or other uses, our 2D animation agency produces the highest-quality deliverables.

Bring Your Business To The Next

2D animation frequently allows for faster, clearer animation with vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics. We’ll give you a quick rundown of 2D animation services.

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Ready To Try 2D Animation?

Exploring simple yet fun 2D animation videos

Entice The Viewers With 2D Video Animation Services

Are you looking for a 2D animation studio for your promo video maker? Afx 2D animation company provides you with the most stunning solution with our expertise. We will offer you expert advice for your video editing services too.

Every business that lacks to produce quality videos will require professional assistance. Our team of skilled designers, 2d animators, and other specialists will carefully consider your needs and offer advice on the type of animation that would work best for the idea you’re trying to market.

Evaluate Your Brand With a 2D Animation Video Company

Using a 2D animated explainer video service to explain something has never been more fun. Any notion, no matter how complicated, may be communicated to the audience with a strong 2D animation video. Your fantastic branding experience may be one of our original 2D video animation creations.

AFX 2D animation studio is therefore essential to create a variety of videos. New avenues for marketing a commodity or service are made possible. For your 2D animation outsourcing campaign, we can help you select the finest type of 2D and 3D animation makers.

Reasons To Choose 2D Animation

Increasing Your Reach

A 2D animated video assists in attracting the attention of your intended audience and spreads your message like a forest fire.

Amplification Of Brand Awareness

You can use it to educate the public about your brand. It piques the audience’s interest and motivates them to learn more about your brand.


The production time for 2D animated videos is less than for other live-action videos, which results in a lower production cost.

Increase Interactivity

It enables brands to communicate with and engage the audience. The viewer and the brand become connected through these videos.

2d animation

Concise, Consistent,
And Effective Visually.

AFX has the solutions you need to meet your project & budget, from basic graphics to custom 2D animations.

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