How To Make An Interactive Video With Different Tools?

There are many tools available to produce interactive videos, in this post, let’s focus on the six essential steps that must be followed to achieve the best results.

However, interactive videos let viewers participate in the narrative and choose their course, resulting in high-engagement moments.

Because interactive videos immerse viewers in an environment with features like quizzes and hotspots, consumers watch them differently. They are drawn to these goods because they are distinctive.

Utilizing personalization is a big plus because viewers are eager to focus on information that is pertinent to them. This tactic is a surefire way to get increased engagement and click-through rates.

Making your interactive film will dramatically increase viewer engagement, regardless of whether it is about marketing, sales, education, or human resources.

Moreover, interactive videos offer a great chance to stand out from the competition even though the majority of brands use video to engage with customers. As a general guideline, think of interactive videos’ click-through rates as being up to ten times higher than those of ordinary videos.

Although labor-intensive, creating an interactive video is not difficult. A solid approach, the appropriate tools, and an easy workflow will boost your conversion rates.

Our crucial six-step for how to make interactive videos guide for more information.

Interactive Video

You may improve the customer experience by using interactive video as a technique for user engagement. You can include CTAs in your video so that viewers will watch it and the bounce rate will be reduced.

It offers a tone of comparable interactive possibilities as well, which will keep your audience interested. A 360-degree view, forms, and quizzes can all be included, along with hotspots. You may transform a subpar video into a potent marketing campaign by including interactive elements like these.

Interactive films are extremely popular among marketers since audiences enjoy watching them. There is a significant difference between interactive and linear television in terms of outcomes.

As opposed to having them watch a video passively, interactive videos will keep their attention. Such videos urge users to consume your content for longer lengths of time and to share it on social media.


The Next Steps Are:

We’ve included a few detailed procedures you can utilize to make the ideal interactive video.


It’s crucial to first decide your goals, talk about the message you want to deliver, and establish your KPIs during the conception phase.

You should inquire about:

  • Exactly who are your clients and who is your target market?
  • What details and messages do you wish to deliver?
  • What exactly are you promising as a result?
  • What are you hoping to accomplish with your video?
  • The campaign is successful when?
  • Do you work for a drug company? Then, using an informational video where the story is based on the viewer’s selection of medicine, you might want to educate 10,000 patients based on real-life experiences and treatment methods.

Perhaps you want to use e-learning videos to deliver personalized information to potential new students, or perhaps you run a service company and want to cut down on the number of calls customers make to you for assistance. To accomplish this, respond to the most frequently asked questions in a tutorial video. Users can do this to follow the viewing routes step-by-step and get frequently asked questions answered. Interactive video, according to research, reduces calls by an average of 20%. You can see from the graph that using and producing interactive videos pays for itself.

A further illustration. Your new clothing line will be promoted with a product video by your fashion agency. When appropriate, interactive elements can appear, such as a frame around a particular dress that allows users to buy the item directly from the video. Interactive videos are perfect for recruiting and employer branding campaigns since they allow for immediate application submission from potential employees.

Lastly, you may employ interactive videos to generate leads. Many of our clients, for instance, have included a contact form in their company videos so that viewers can submit requests even as they are watching the video.

As it becomes clear, there are endless instances when interactive video can be used to help you reach your objectives. See also the Binck example below, where clients are given step-by-step information about turbochargers.


The storyline and material flow for your video are the first things we tackle in this second phase. This gives the general layout of the movie. You begin with an introduction or teaser, then you delve deeper into the information until people can decide for themselves. Then, for every moment of choice, you will develop a unique storyline. You guide the audience towards a result that is important to them by doing this. In such a content flow, various objectives may be present. You consider the substance of the videos as well as their structure at this step.

Creating The Content

It is now time to shoot and edit the various videos! 2d vs 3d animations or actual film recordings may be used. You can use any approach for this; your decision will depend on your purpose, your organization, and your target audience.

Establishing The Interactive Flow

The assembly and design of the interactive flow are completed during this stage. The creation of various video pieces that fit the content flow is done. You move the viewer to video B, C, or D from video A based on their selection. For instance, video B then makes references to various videos than video D. After that, the correct design and interactive layers are used to beautify the entire flow. 

Examples of call-to-action elements include buttons, menus, and contact forms. The corporate identity of your business and a user-friendly interface were used to generate all of this. The result of this difficult procedure is a dynamic video that incorporates interactive overlays and serves as a complete video platform.

Distribution And Advertising

The distribution of the film online is necessary to meet the objective you specified in Phase 1. The target audience should be prompted and encouraged to visit your website and view the interactive film. This can be done through a (online) campaign, among your current and potential consumers, as well as among your personnel. Social media posts about particular subjects are also made.

Assess And Make Changes

Naturally, it is crucial to continually assess and make adjustments based on all the data. Which viewing paths are the most pertinent? Which video questions receive the most clicks from viewers? To determine what performs better, you can also do A/B tests. Then, based on those findings, you can modify your distribution strategy, campaign, or interactive flow.


Most Effective Tools For Producing Interactive Video Content

You now understand how to create interactive videos. Let’s now look at various interactive video creation tools to assist you in creating engaging interactive videos.


With Wideo, you can make interactive videos to boost conversions or incorporate interactivity into already-existing videos. You may also make and edit videos online using more than 100 templates.

Wideo can make simple animation ideas for you to make an interactive video. You must include interactivity and make the items clickable after adding buttons or hotspots to your video. Following that, you can share the video on various social media platforms or directly embed it on any website.


With the use of context and web resources, users of the video editing program ThingLink can enhance their video footage. Creating interactive movies for eLearning, which are frequently used for instructional purposes and frequently for corporate presentations, is a special feature of this technology.


A teleprompter app is available from BigVu, along with an interactive video creator. From your smartphone, you can produce clickable shopping videos for social media and broadcast live on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Making beautiful and interesting videos is still the main focus of Vimeo. A brand-new set of tools will soon be available, enabling you to make your next project magically interactive. 

Not just video and technology fans will appreciate that. It will also be advantageous for your company. since the interactive video is entertaining to participate in as well. In comparison to traditional video, it has also been shown to be 3x more engaging and 32% more memorable.


VideoAsk gives you tools to develop connections with your potential customers rather than providing interactive marketing and sales features to engage prospects. Through the use of clickable CTAs, you can engage potential customers in conversation by sending them recorded video messages.


You may distribute and know how to make an interactive website, video, and social media using the open-source H5P program.

There are numerous interactive templates and more than 10 video capabilities available in the program. You can include quizzes, links, labels, and a table of contents.

It’s a robust platform with a tonne of options for creating interesting videos. It merely lacks aesthetic appeal. But given its generous features. You have two options for using H5P: either you can install a plugin or visit the H5P website.


Your website visitors will convert at a higher rate if you use Eko to improve customer engagement. The story’s offered experience will be open to the audience’s direction.

The most significant benefit is that you can use its robust analytics to find out what works for your brand and where you can make improvements. To help you design and create interesting interactive videos, it provides simple drag-and-drop templates.

You will get more viewers to your brand when you provide your audience options through interactive videos on Eko.


You may communicate directly with your customers with Tolstory. You may speak privately with anyone, at any time, anywhere.

It has an interactive video platform that will point you toward the appropriate information.

Switcher Studio

A live-streaming website is called Switcher Studio. It provides you with video editing, interactivity, and monetization options so you may sell goods and services online.

You can broadcast live to numerous channels using your smartphone to stream content, link up to nine cameras to display a multiscreen view, and do other things. You can enhance the graphics of your movies by including media assets and adjusting the display settings in real-time to present the best viewpoints.



What format does interactive video use?

Any Interactive video must have a video clip as its foundation. Note: Most browsers will support the. mp4 video format. To be safe, you should nevertheless offer a different video in the webm format.

Which of these three interactive video formats are they?

Hotspots, 360-degree views, video quizzes, and video routes are the interactive video features that are most frequently used.

How do interactive videos function?

A types of animation digital video that permits user involvement is referred to as interactive video (also known as “IV”). When watching an interactive video, the viewer can click on a desktop or touch the screen of a mobile device to initiate an action.

Why would you employ interactive video?

The characters in an interactive video can respond to the viewer’s choices as they decide “what to do next.” Because of this, you can take alternative paths, explore the effects of your decisions, jump to interesting parts, and see how things develop from the perspectives of many individuals.

Final Words

Are you having trouble figuring out how to raise brand recognition and engagement? If you fall into this group, you should review our instructions on how to make an interactive video as well as our list of suggested interactive video-making software to get your marketing plan back on track.

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